Twice a year, the HNA Review of Books posts reviews of recent books and exhibition catalogues in the history of the visual arts in the Netherlands from c. 1350 to 1750, along with reviews of publications on German, French, and English art relevant to the Netherlands in this period. All reviews are commissioned by the members of the editorial board. The HNA Review of Books also posts a list of all New Titles that have been brought to the Board's attention. Publications may be submitted for consideration to:

Kristin Belkin
Administrative Editor and Secretary, HNA Review of Books
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Review Guidelines

HNA accepts for review publications which deal with Netherlandish, German and Franco-Flemish art and architecture between 1350 and 1750. Field editors will commission reviews. Unsolicited reviews will not be accepted.

Reviewers need not be members of HNA.

Upon accepting a request for a review, the publication will be sent to the reviewer. The reviewer is requested to submit his/her review to the responsible field editor within a reasonable period, i.e. if not for the forthcoming issue, then for the subsequent one.

Deadlines for submission of reviews to field-editors are mid-March for the April Newsletter and mid-October for the November issue.

Reviews should be approximately 1000 words, not to exceed 1500. They should not contain footnotes. References to other publications, if desired, should be incorporated into the main text. Field editors may request revisions or edit for length if necessary.

We encourage reviews that both provide an overview of the contents, which is particularly useful for foreign language publications, and are critical. We however request reviewers to maintain a fair and objective tone. The editors reserve the right to correct and shorten reviews. Heavily edited reviews will be returned for approval to reviewers before publication.

The reviewer alone is responsible for the content and accuracy of his/her review. Reviews do not express the opinions of the board nor of the field editors or general editor.

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